Hey You Guys!!! I'm Ali!

I am a Solo Global Traveler/Influencer &

Wellness Guide who's in the 50 Club. I left Corp Am. in 2020 to explore around the world, make connections and show you how you can do this too! I have always loved to Travel but in 2020 an unplanned thing happened...a two week vacation has now turned into an 18+month journey. I started in Mexico for 4 mos and then East Africa for 1 year and now I'm in Thailand and I love it!!!

In BAMtastic Journeys you will find Travel Courses, Budget Courses and Eat with Ali Plant Based Foodie Demos. I hope my journey encourages you to get off the couch, get out the house and into the car, train, plane or bus so you can start your own personal Journey!

"Experiences are Better than Dreams ~Ali

I have been traveling Globally more & more since 2014. I have explored 25 countries (some 2-3 times), 4 continents & countless cities (some on the beaten path and many off) and I desire to see them ALL! Traveling has enriched my life in ways nothing else can. The cultural experiences and face to face connections I've made are Priceless.

So MANY people ask me how I am traveling continuously for over a year (no JOB) and how they can do it too. I don't have every answer, but I believe I can get you prepared and off the couch!!

Where's The Next Wanderlust

Travel Courses!

My Travel course is THE WAY to Get Ready! Get Set! Travel!

I will walk you through the foundational steps and what you need to KNOW to be successful along your journey.

You do not have to be an experienced traveler, I love the excitement of the Newbies who are planning to apply for their passports to those exploring the world like me. There is so much we can gain from each others experiences and lifestyles.

**The courses will be expansive and with updates as we see in 2020- current how so much is shifting. Getting the basics down is the key..

I hope you will join ME & countless others on OUR Wanderlust Journeys!

Coming Soon!

*Financial Diet

Guide on how to pay off debt on your own!

*Eat W/Ali food Demos

Sign up and meet me in Da Kitchen for some amazing plant Based Dishes and suggestions on how to start transitioning... IF that is your part of your BAMtastic Journey!

Thank you ALL for your Support..

This is truly a Journey !

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