BAMtastic Journeys School!

is comprised of different courses & tools you can use to start, continue and enhance your journey through life. Whether its to travel more, embark on a wellness journey, transition to plant based lifestyle, pick up Yoga or re align your financial walk. You will find courses you can use to help you Re-Define LIVING!!!

Hey You Guys!!! I'm Ali!

I am a Solo Global Traveler/Influencer &

Wellness Guide who's in the 50 Club. I left Corp Am. in 2020 to explore around the world, make connections and show you how you can do this too! I have always loved to Travel but in 2020 I did an unplanned thing... I started what has turned into an 18+month journey. I started in Mexico for 4 mos and then East Africa for 1 year and now in Thailand and I love it!!!

You will find Travel Courses, Budget Courses and Eat with Ali Plant Based Foodie Demos here. I hope my journey encourages you to get off the couch get out the house and into the car , train, plane or bus so you can start your own personal Journey!